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2000-11-15 - 9:32 a.m.

So there are good Spanish days and there are bad Spanish days. Some days I am able to put nouns and verbs together to form some kind of sentence, and other days I forego verbs altogether and hope that people know what I am trying to say.

Sunday was a good Spanish day, and so was Monday and Tuesday. But I degenerated as the week went along, and by last night, I was so frustrated by the end of my Spanish class, that I skipped out on the Ecuadorean cooking lesson and headed off for my own form of comfort food (an hour spent in front of the warm glow of the computer screen). Then I found a restaurant I had passed by the other night (an "international food and tapas bar" I passed with the Swiss Germans on the way to a really bad touristy Mexican joint), and decided to have a nice dinner by myself. When I realized they were playing Belle & Sebastian in the restaurant (I was singing along to the music before I even realized what it was), I almost started crying. Belle & Sebastian, in a restaurant in Ecuador. The food was amazing, the best Iīve had in Ecuador, but at that point, it didnīt even matter. All I really needed was to hear some Belle & Sebastian, apparently.

(Currently, Iīve convinced Suzie to play Wilco at the Internet cafe while I resize all my digital pictures. Listening to familiar music is just more comfort food, I suppose.)

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