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2001-06-06 - 9:27 a.m.

I think things are turning around. There was a while when I was letting everything slide, or so it felt. Nothing actually slid, but a few times I found myself gripping awfully hard to make sure things didn't go over the edge. But now, I've moved, and even though the things I own that approximate my life are compartmentalized, boxed up, hidden in corners of the room until I have time to deal with them, when I sit on my bed, there is still a huge expanse of hardwood floor in front of me.

And I can walk places. Lots of places. Chango's, Spider House, Dobie. I can go to the grocery store, and not have to get in my car. The drug store is open til midnight (I discovered, as I stopped by at 10 pm last night). When I came home, I met my neighbors, who invited me out for a beer. I was drowsy, slow on the uptake, but tried to decline graciously, and even mentioned that I had gone out the night before, just to show how cool I was.

This is why I am a better person:

I got up early to go running through the neighborhood.
I made a big salad, and have been eating it all week.
I'm eating fruit. Bananas, and pineapple, and apple sauce.

It feels good, this does.

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