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2005-01-19 - 1:32 p.m.

Xilitla, Mexico

After a few more days in Zacatecas, Armando and I headed east in his little gray truck, to the town of Xilitla, to visit the surrealistic concrete garden of English eccentric, Edward James. Zacatecas is in the middle of the desert, and once we passed San Luis Potosi, we followed a winding road, slowly watching the landscape become more and more green.

We stayed at the guest house El Castillo, the former home of Edward James, a beautiful old building in the center of town, with strange towers and rickety staircases. As I'm used to paying no more than ten dollars a night in Mexico, it was kind of nice to stay in a real hotel for a change, even one as surreal as this. For once, I felt like an adult.

The front entranceway to El Castillo:

One of the surrealistic towers:

We went to the best restaurant in town for almost all of our meals and listened to Mexican ballads on the jukebox. I took advantage of the fact that I am no longer a full vegetarian by eating lots of fish and shrimp cocktails. Breakfast at the restaurant (trusty Lonely Planet Mexico at my side):

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