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2005-01-18 - 1:17 p.m.

New Year's Eve, Zacatecas, Mexico

I arrived in Zacatecas on New Year's Eve, after an overnight bus ride direct from Austin, because I find New Year's Eve to be an overrated holiday, and taking an overnight bus ride to Mexico was infinitely more preferable than trying to find something memorable to do in Austin. I arrived around 2 pm on New Year's Eve, and went straight to the hostel, only to find it fully booked. The owners remembered me, once again, and let me leave my bags there while I went out to change money. I passed Armando's favorite cafe along the way and poked my head in - there he was, waiting for me, with a friend visiting from Mexico City, Salvador. So I ended up staying with Armando, and with Salvador, who had a crush on Armando, and so I was unwittingly part of a little Mexican love triangle (unrequited, at least on Salvador's end) for the weekend.

I spent midnight on Armando's rooftop, drinking tequila and waiting for fireworks that never came. Around 1 am, we made it out to the gay club, where I sat around awkwardly for the first hour or so, then watched a drag show, then did a shot of tequila, and finally made it out to the dance floor.

On New Year's Day, Armando & Salvador & Armando's dog Marconi & I hiked to the top of La Bufa, which is what you do when you're visiting Zacatecas.

We slept late that day, so we made it to the top just in time for sunset.

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