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2004-08-16 - 2:59 p.m.

Mexico City

I had no intention of going to Mexico City. I had no intention of going to Mexico City ever, as a matter of fact, and reading the Lonely Planet Guide to Mexico did nothing to assuage my fears. Don't walk around by yourself at night. Don't hail taxis on the street. If you don't get mugged by a taxi driver, then you'll be pickpocketed by someone on the Metro.

But Lisa was going to Mexico City, and then we talked Matt into going to Mexico City (after convincing him how easy it would be to get a direct bus to Denver from Mexico City - only 36 hours!), and it's a little hard to bypass Mexico City when you're headed south. So I went to Mexico City.

And I loved it. It was huge, teeming with people, and I was one of them, and I loved it. Every day I headed off on my own, off to the museums, taking the Metro, walking through the parks, being blissfully alone. I was invisible among all those people, and I ate it up.

The Diego Rivera murals:

The view from the roof of the hostel:

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