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2004-08-03 - 7:04 p.m.

Okay, so the real reason I haven't updated my site is not because I was finishing up my online class (two quizzes, one final, and one research paper), and not because I haven't yet downloaded the pictures from my digital camera, but because I really dig that picture of my tattoo, and I hated to cover it up.

I'm in Mexico City. This city is teeming with people and, despite the fact that I do a little dance of jubilation every time I return to the hostel with all my belongings intact, I really like it here. Tomorrow I leave for Oaxaca, another town I had no intention of visiting on this trip, as it just seemed so far away. But someone managed to convince me that, if I had five weeks to travel, there was just way more cooler stuff in the south than in the north. So the trip is turning out a little differently than I had planned, but I am having a good time. This may actually be the trip that made me realize that Sara Actually Prefers to Travel Alone. Which is a nice thing to know, given my general hesitancy on embarking on any solo adventure.

Anyway. I'll update for real soon, from the beginning, complete with pictures and mildly ambiguous commentary for your viewing pleasure.

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