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2003-04-19 - 3:10 p.m.

Hi. I'm in Buenos Aires. Actually, I'm in the bus station of Buenos Aires, because I'm catching a bus to Salta. The bus trip is 20 hours long. I was going to say it would be my longest bus trip yet, but I had conveniently forgotten my high school band trip to Dallas, to march in the Cotton Bowl parade. That was at least 20 hours long.

I got to the bus station ridiculously early, because I tend to do things like that while traveling. But this being Buenos Aires, a town with amenities, I was able to both get my hair cut (first time in almost a year) and check email while waiting for my bus.

Proof that I am a dork even when not in my own country:

1. I spent Friday evening at the Feria de los Libros (translation: the book fair).

2. In my three full days in Buenos Aires, I saw three movies. Hey, it's not my fault the Buenos Aires International Film Festival happened to be going on while I was here. Honestly, I didn't plan it this way. Really.

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