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2003-01-15 - 10:47 p.m.

Machu Picchu, Day Three

Here is how Day Three began (the view from our tent):

It had rained all night, but had let up by the time morning came, and our campsite was surrounded by lowlying clouds.

Day Three started by going up, but only for an hour or so, before we came upon some ruins.

Here's Melchior in front of the ruins, wearing his dorky but endearing and incredibly useful rain pants (and hat).

Then we went down (an area called The 1000 Steps, self explanatory, I suppose, although I didn't bother to count), which was actually harder than going up, as I was tired from the day before, and it was raining. Well, it wasn't really raining - it was more of an annoying drizzle that refused to turn into an actual rainstorm. The hardest part was not seeing any of the views because of the clouds that had rolled in. I think I just got a little bored.

By 5'ish, we'd reached our camp, early enough to see the nearby ruins of Winay-Wayna...

...look at the amazing views...

...and see the sunset.

At some point during the day, I mentioned to Melchior that I was really proud of myself for doing this trek - I ranked it right under the 2000 Marathon and the 2002 Marathon, in terms of physical activities I was proud of myself for accomplishing. I asked if he felt the same.

"Not really. I mean, we have eight persons carrying all our stuff. That's not really my style."

I kind of get a kick out of the fact that he says words like "persons," but also knows phrases like "not my style." (He also says things like "medicaments," instead of "medicine," and "It's time to stand up," instead of "It's time to get up." I used to correct him until I realized I liked it better the way that he said it.)

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