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2002-10-17 - 11:58 p.m.

Number 16 on my to do list: do laundry. Number 30 on my to do list: do laundry. I was pretty excited to do my laundry just so I could cross two things off my list at once. What isn't crossed off my list? Number 7: pack for the trip.

It's a good thing my flight doesn't leave til 3:30 pm tomorrow.

I got to cross off Number 38 a few hours ago: panic.

So, yeah, apparently I'm actually going to Ecuador, and I am completely unprepared. But who had time to worry about something like international travel? My dear friend Sans made her long planned for visit, and we did the town up right. She is the perfect houseguest, not only for knowing when to leave me alone and when to pitch in (in the midst of frantic preparty preparations - a party that included, by the way, a keg, three djs, a PA system, and an in-person visit from one very baby-faced police officer round about 3 am), but also because when I awoke at 10 am the next morning, I spied her taking down Christmas lights in the backyard clad only in her pajamas. I spent so much time anticipating her visit that I neglected to realize that I was leaving the country a few short days later. Now, I can't seem to get anything done. I alternate between packing, cleaning out my hotmail account, pacing up and down, and clearing my room of almost all personal effects (for my subleaser Sarah, who has graciously agreed to take over my life for the next two and a half months). Who needs sleep? I've got 12 1/2 hours before I need to leave for the airport!

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