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2002-08-22 - 11:22 a.m.

The good news appetite is back!
The bad news stomach still isnít processing food in an acceptable manner.

The good news is...I finally buckled down and applied myself to something!
The bad news is...Iíve ignored every other little detail of my life, all of which need attending to post haste.

The good news adorable sister Erin moved to town!
The bad news is...sheís unemployed.

The good news is...I take the GRE tomorrow!
The bad news is...good god, I would rather claw my eyeballs out than spend one more minute memorizing formulas that I will never, ever, ever use for the rest of my life.

The good news is...I did reasonably well the last time I took the GRE!
The bad news is...that was six years ago, right after taking a college precalculus class, the scores are only good for five years, and if I do poorly on it this time around, Iím going to be really pissed off.

The good news is...change is aícoming!
The bad news is...well, you know me. Iíve never been very good about change. Iíd stay stuck in this rut forever, refusing to do anything about it, waiting for just the right moment, if it really came down to it. But itís never going to be just the right moment. Itís always going to be hard, and itís always going to feel wrong. But Iíve reached the point where I can no longer not do anything about it. If Iím making the wrong choices, at least Iíll find out the hard way. At least Iím doing something. So wish me luck.

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