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2002-06-26 - 3:46 p.m.

So. Here is my advice to you.

If perhaps you are feeling a little down, and this feeling has manifested itself into a peculiar kind of anxiety, in which you are unable to sit still at work, and your body unconsciously moves around so much that you look as if you are in an aerobics class for people with Tourette's syndrome, until you have to go home and lay on your bed and just breathe for a while, while your mind races over and over, unable to come to any conclusions about what it is that you're really supposed to do with your life, and that maybe you'll never figure it out, and that you're so scared of change that you'll just continue doing the same things you always do, over and over again, until you die alone...

And then you have an amazing weekend, including but not limited to the following activities:

* Playing Scrabble at Spider House with Joanna and Tim.
* Biking downtown late at night, through the dark streets and past the Capitol building to go to Emo's and bob your head to I Am the World Trade Center (who are good and fun, even if they don't really play any instruments).
* Seeing an amazing synchronized swimming event put on by the H2Ho's, with music and tango dancing and roller derby and a great view of downtown Austin and dangling your feet in the pool and the Elks clubhouse (and hey - just what exactly does it take to become an Elk, anyway?) and great conversations and art just for art's sake, because it's fun, and because they can, and why the hell not?
* Watching John's band at the Mercury, and really just beaming with pride at the whole affair, because it's John, and he's up on stage, and the crowd is full of people you know and like, and the music is really, really, good (and loud).
* Seeing Minority Report, and actually liking it.
* Going to Deep Eddy, and finally talking about all of your deep seated fears with people who seem to understand where you're coming from, and have great advice, and reassure you that you're not likely to turn into the Hugh Grant character in About a Boy...

DO NOT follow the amazing weekend by seeing a French New Wave double feature (Contempt and Jules et Jim), because it will only freak you out and give you weird nightmares.

The End

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