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2002-02-19 - 3:22 p.m.

After you run a marathon, you walk like an old person, with small shuffling steps, and even the slightest incline feels like a huge hill.

But that's not important. The important thing is that I ran a marathon! And it only took me four hours and forty minutes - a personal best! Um, out of two.

All pictures courtesy of Rob, who managed to take these pictures while biking, handing out ibuprofen and GU, and acting as my social coordinator by answering my cell phone. I owe him big time.

Before the marathon...

During the marathon...

This is at mile 8. Check out Rob's shadow on the pavement.

This shot makes me feel like I'm in the Antonioni film, Red Desert.

At mile 13, right in downtown Austin, just before it started to get really hot.

With my running group, the Red Rebels. Really. That's what we're called. We have a flag and everything.

Just after mile 20. You can tell it's hot now, because I've got the sexy sports bra look going on.

The last three miles were the worst. The sun was out full blast, and no matter how much water I drank, I was still dehydrated. Luckily, I had Rob, Sarah, and Caroline flanking me on bicycles, and my housemate Susanne ran along for a little while. I never felt like I couldn't finish the race; I just wanted to stop running. So I picked up the pace, started passing people, and crossed the finish line to the roar of the crowd (I'm pretty sure they were roaring; I was a little delirious by then).

After the race...

They give you medals. It's almost worth running 26 miles to get a medal.

They also give you tin foil.

With Sarah and Caroline:

Why does Rob look more tired than me? I'm the one who ran a marathon.

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