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2002-02-15 - 11:35 a.m.

with apologies to those who have already read this in email form...

Sara vs. the Marathon (Part II)

For those who donít live in Austin:

Please think of me on the morning of Sunday, February 17th, as I attempt to run my second marathon! Rather, think of me for about five hours, preferably from 7 am to nooníish.

For those who do live in Austin (ie, friends, acquaintances, and people looking for a really good excuse to get up early this Sunday morning):

I know many of you have been wondering, when you see me at a bar late at night, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, what exactly it is that I do with my free time. Why, Iíve been training for the 2001 Motorola Marathon, of course!

The marathon is this Sunday, and Iíd love it if people came out to cheer me on. I understand itís early in the morning, which is why I suggest staying up all night, and arriving at the race course in an appropriately intoxicated manner. Just try not to throw beer cans at all the runners.

The race starts at 7 am, and Iíll probably finish close to noon. It starts up at Gateway, winds its way through central Austin, then to east Austin, and finishes at Auditorium Shores. A map of the course is located here.

If you live on or near the course, or have nothing better to do this Sunday morning, please come out and cheer on me and thousands of other runners. Or cheer yourselves for not being silly enough to run 26 miles, all in a row.

For stalking purposes, and to help you know where Iíll be and when, hereís a handy guide:

8:30 45th and Burnet
9 Dean Keaton and Duval
9:30 Sixth and West Lynn
10 Austin High School
10:45 Longhorn Dam
11 Lakeshore and Riverside

Most likely, there are the earliest times I could possibly hit each spot (given the crowds, slow start time, bathroom breaks, and general exhaustion). If you drive to a spot, please keep in mind that many roads will be closed off due to the race. Also, there are hardly any people cheering on the sidelines in east Austin (when people are more tired, and really need the support). Just a suggestion. Oh, and feel free to wear your running shoes, and jump in for a mile or two. Or ten feet. Your choice.

The indomitable Rob and the fiesty Sarah will be biking along most of the course, providing needed encouragement every few miles (and changes of clothes, my sunglasses, Vaseline, GU, and whatever else I can talk them into carrying). Rob has a digital camera, so Iíll try to post pictures after the race.

Wish me luck!

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