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2002-01-30 - 2:51 p.m.


I saw a raccoon when I went running this morning. He stared at me, unafraid. I stared back, unafraid, until I realized he might have rabies. So I kept on running, with my head turned over my shoulder, just in case. I didnít want my morning run to turn into a bad Fox special: When Raccoons Attack.

I have, suddenly, and not unexplicably (I did run 21 miles on Saturday, after all), developed badass runnerís legs. I feel like Iím walking around on two rather large unwieldy sausages. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

A cold frontís coming through tomorrow. About damn time. This warm weird weather is freaking me out, yo. Itís only January.

My first official film class was last night. I managed to pay attention for the entire two and a half hours. I thought I might have forgotten how to do that. Now, I just have to come up with an idea for a five minute scriptÖ

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