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2001-10-02 - 9:06 a.m.

Someoneís site I read yesterday said that Yo La Tengo was good fall music to listen to. I donít know if thatís why Iím listening to it this morning. My hands are cold, like they seem to be every morning, and the jasmine green tea I bought on a whim is helping some, but not a lot.

Itís funny how music brings you back. When I bought this cd, I was living in Constanceís apartment, and listened to it all the time, usually in the early morning, as I struggled to get to work by 7 am. That early, it was dark outside and dark inside, and the music followed me from the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen. That place seems so unfamiliar now; I suppose five months is not really a long stretch of time to live anywhere.

I remember the first time Iíd heard of Yo La Tengo; I thought they were a Spanish band. I was visiting Rob, in Athens. Or rather, I was visiting Trey, and on my way out, I stopped by to visit Rob, to see his pictures from Italy. Or maybe I brought my pictures for him to see. I wish I could remember how it went. But I came in, and he looked half asleep, like he sometimes looks, and I asked what he was listening to. He told me, and I nodded, pretending like Iíd heard of them. I hadnít.

Last October, about this time, I believe, I saw Yo La Tengo in Austin, at La Zona Rosa. I had been depressed for a while beforehand, but I was so happy that night. That was the night I first talked to Gary, and he asked if I would do ecstasy with him. But thatís another story for another time.

expecting a whisper, i heard the slam of a door

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